Advik IT Solution Inc is a leading technology and services delivery organization. We specialize in delivering superior quality consulting and staffing solutions to our client partners, enabling them to compete in today’s competitive and dynamic business environment.

Our foundation of specialized talent and recruiting combined with our holistic consulting, projects and outsourcing services offer tangible value that makes our clients successful. Advik IT Solution Inc invests in the success of our clients, driving cost savings, efficiency, integrated technology, satisfied end-users and maturity across people, processes, and technology.

As an IT leader, you strive to meet the needs of your business and customers. As technology trends create pressure to keep things running smoothly and to modernize with the latest solutions, you need the right strategy and consistency to get it all done.

And while our expertise is technical, our approach is human. We work closely with you to customize an IT services approach, then implement using specialized talent and methodologies from our organization and yours. Your digital projects delivered on time and within budget. Simply tell us your requirements, and we will turn your vision into reality through leadership, planning, delivery, and results.

  Drive everything, we do


Advik IT Solutions Inc is a proven solutions provider that successfully develops and executes strategic and tactical solutions for different clients.. We’ve built a great reputation of operating with consistency and transparency.


We believe in being honest, ethical and accountable for everything we do, whether it’s how we treat our clients, vendors or employees.


Our success can only be found when each employee believes in client focus. The best way we can help you improve your business is by having your interests top of mind.


When you work with us, we see ourselves as your partner and we work constantly to create healthy relationships based on communication, trust and mutual respect.


Our people are the only “product” we offer – their services, experience, and expertise. We work hard to create an environment where they can be happy, successful, and fulfilled in everything they do.


Advik IT Solution Inc’s vision is to always be learning, growing, and planning for our - and your future. We will always be looking for new ways we can bring value to our customers and continue to be recognized as a creative IT solutions and staffing company that passionately designs and delivers innovative solutions.